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3 Successful Event Marketing Upgrades

Posted by Chris Clark on Aug 7, 2015 4:09:56 PM
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When the tricks of the trade start to stagnate, it’s time to upgrade your marketing techniques to motivate earlier and more meaningful engagement with your event.

In its fifteen years of experience working with sporting events, fusesport® has seen great success with the following 3 approaches in place of standard methods. Try them to see if they can help boost your numbers too!



Replace early bird pricing with exclusive offers 

Nearly every sporting event offers discount pricing to participants who register by a certain date. This tactic has been a win-win for a long time, but as people have more activities to choose from, fewer are taking advantage of early bird pricing and deciding to wait and see what their most attractive option is, and commit last minute.

To provide past participants with added incentive to register early, we suggest sending those in your database exclusive offers as a gesture of appreciation.

 For example, honor those who have participated in the past with a special pass with years printed in bold numbers showing how long that individual has been involved with this event. The pass becomes a badge of honor for those who have been the most loyal, and provides acknowledgment event organizers are aware and appreciative.

Instead of a discount, offer the first people who register a special t-shirt, pin or different colored pass as a collectible souvenir and visual signal that they belong to a special category. This tangible item is something they can keep and value more than the savings of a few dollars.


Enhance pre-event packet pick-ups with mail order options

Many organizers like to set up locations a few days prior to the event to allow participants to pick up passes and materials and avoid a registration wait that morning. This is not always convenient for participants, and sometimes creates a pre-event wait that can be a negative experience.

To give participants another convenience-based option, we recommend providing offers where people can register online and opt to have materials sent to them in the mail, with an added fee. Across our various clients, we have seen an average of more than 20% participation rate in the mail option, which is a nice added revenue stream for event organizers.


Social media incentives extend your reach organically and economically 

It’s amazing how few event organizers have caught on to the potential for leveraging social media to promote events through their existing network of participants.

We recommend leveraging social media prior to events to really hone your message toward certain demographics. If for example you know your event historically attracts a large percentage of participants who are women between the ages of 25-40, create a campaign using visuals that appeal to that demographic and offer incentives that can be easily shared via Facebook and Twitter. Make your messaging concise and fun, relevant and accessible and you will see greater numbers of participants joining through social media referrals.


About fusesport

fusesport is an online event management platform that makes even the most complicated events easy to manage by integrating e-marketing, online registration, participant check-in, volunteer management, an athlete database, website hosting, and easily digestible analytics into one convenient place.

To learn more about how fusesport can help you attract more participants, please contact us at info@fusesport.com or visit us at www.fusesport.com

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